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I logged in today for the first time in a while and was totally surprised to see that I have exactly 19,000 page views. It makes me remember what I once had on here. The car accident brought me so far from where I ever wanted to me, and yet it somehow seems to have made some positive effect on my life. I took the semester off from Brown because I am still dealing with post-concussion syndrome and I can't handle classes, friends, and everything else in a college life. So I've been working, but more recently, I started going to the gym, where I've begun training myself to run. And then last night, I went to a zen center/buddhist monastery, learned to meditate, and then participated in a large group meditation in the dharma room. And it was nothing short of amazing. It's sad to think that my body and brain had to become as damaged as they were for me to begin making this change for a healthier, happier life, but it seems to have pointed me in the right direction. Also, I'm hoping to do el camino (a 500 mile pilgrimage through France and Spain) in May, so maybe this journey of recovery and discovery has just begun.
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January 19, 2012


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