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when she first tells you that it's time for her to leave

you will walk into the forest
climb inside the hollowed sequoia you call home
and scrape away the rotting bark with your teeth

you will hum over the static of the geiger counter
test the carbon and nitrogen in the soil
and look for atrazine in the water

you will build a fire so warm
a fawn will come and rest by its side
she will not

you will wade out into the ocean, deep
past buoys and bottom trawling nets
to understand the need to stand still
when the waves remind you that no matter how far you stretch your legs
this is not your home

you will check to see if you planted enough milkweed
but a monarch will never stay
some sleeping genotype awakens with the changing leaves
unlocking a map and survival skills to carry her gentle body
to a land her mother and grandmother never knew

when she first tells you that it's time for her to leave
you will not know what to say
you will wonder whether it was the oil on your fingertips
leaking bits of mercury
or uranium scratched from your skin
that made this place toxic to her
you will wonder if you could have made her stay

she will find you,
mouth filled with dirt, blood, and bits of bark
hair smelling of smoke and pine trees
soaking wet with lavender lips
still carrying tupperware containers of soil
she will take the geiger counter from your hand
and, like a metronome over an old handheld radio, it will begin to click
the water in this city reminds me of my second love
wraps around me like a silk sheet in Sevilla summer heat
something between safety and suffocation
like an alcoholic's daughter to a second glass, I
keep my distance

we follow the blue arteries until all I see is sand
soft as cinnamon, I think it must be the finest in the world
I lie without a towel, let the smooth granules press into my folds
later whisper that it was the first time my belly had seen the sun
and make lines of shells in the sand
an offering to the oldest giver and taker,
mother of tides

we go out dancing and someone spills their drink on my shoe and I don't care
my arms are up and amelia is dancing against the wall
her hair has fallen down
she has become her own region of spacetime, a white hole,
an untouchable pulsing mass of energy and light
amelia tips her head back and laughs
a celestial spark on the tip of her tongue
and I know I cannot touch her

before I know it, we are on the stage
bodies moving like the song has lost its consonants
just long open sounds
that make me dream in o's, u's, and y's

we stumble through chinatown like children lost
in a town that looks too much (or just enough) like home
laughter like radio static
as we make our way to 112B
behind dusty windows, signs the color of cough syrup light our path
like reflectors on a runway or
speckled theatre lights

As we cross the river
for a moment
I think of diving in
of turning cerulean
a deep blue blooming
of finally knowing
if she felt any pain

but we are over the bridge
I am fumbling for the keys
and amelia's eyes are the color of sleep

we both know this fear of water swallowed me
a long time ago
A Description of Happiness in Den Haag
title is based off Jack Gilbert's A Description of Happiness in Kobenhavn, one of my favorite poems.

thought I'd share a little something new (work in progress) if anyone still follows me on here.
I logged in today for the first time in a while and was totally surprised to see that I have exactly 19,000 page views. It makes me remember what I once had on here. The car accident brought me so far from where I ever wanted to me, and yet it somehow seems to have made some positive effect on my life. I took the semester off from Brown because I am still dealing with post-concussion syndrome and I can't handle classes, friends, and everything else in a college life. So I've been working, but more recently, I started going to the gym, where I've begun training myself to run. And then last night, I went to a zen center/buddhist monastery, learned to meditate, and then participated in a large group meditation in the dharma room. And it was nothing short of amazing. It's sad to think that my body and brain had to become as damaged as they were for me to begin making this change for a healthier, happier life, but it seems to have pointed me in the right direction. Also, I'm hoping to do el camino (a 500 mile pilgrimage through France and Spain) in May, so maybe this journey of recovery and discovery has just begun.
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